6mm Natural Frosted Blue Stone Pierced Elastic Bracelet

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Product information:
Material: Crystal
Type: Bracelet
Style: Women's
Modeling: Geometry
Color: FD7041 picture, FD7041 powder Tanglin, FD7044 matte blue pattern A, FD7045 black and white zebra, FD7046 matte blue pattern, FD7047 yellow peacock, FD70478 black line red pattern, FD7049 crazy agate, FD7050 grass yellow pine, FD7051 domestic flash, FD7052 fluorescent Stone, FD7053 flower green, FD7054 Australian zebra, FD7055 color peacock, FD7056 yellow tiger, FD7057 imported white pine, FD7058 dark blue striped agate, FD7059 lake blue striped agate, FD7060 orange yellow striped agate, FD7061 grass green striped agate, FD7062 coffee striped agate, FD6972 green Cat's eye
Purity 19cm
Popular elements: ethnic, retro


Crystal bracelet x1

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