Binocular chert bracelet

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Color: Black
Size: 12mm
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product information
Name: 7A Double Eyed Diamond Bracelet
Colour: Black
Like the obsidian, the meteorite is a volcanic glass stone derived from the rock erupted by the volcano.
And the crumbs quickly become hard and hard. Glass material as the basic component, subsidiary iron ore
Ingredients, and other variants are snowflake obsidian with potassium flat crystals. According to rock iron
The type of mine, the color can be black, dark gray, red or brown. Can be used
As the best accessory for evil spirits and body protection.
It can be said that he is a member of the Obsidian family. But its eyes and obsidian
Not exactly the same. Its eyes are made of sand-like gold dots.
The choice of eyes also has round eyes, cat-like eyes, one eye, and two eyes.
Both eyes will be more expensive than a single eye, which is normal

Another characteristic of this kind of gold meteorite is that it is lucky, and the black primary colors are extremely evil.

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