Women's Fashion Pearl And Crystal Beaded Bracelet

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Color: 191Lollipop
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Product information:
Treatment Process: Electroplating
Color: 191 blue unicorn, 191 purple unicorn, 191 lollipop, 191 big-eyed white cat 2,191 white kitten, 191 white four-leaf clover, 191 Diamond, 191 big-eyed black cat, 191 pink unicorn, 191 blue four-leaf clover, 470Q Garland cat, 470N universe, 470 m Rainbow smiling face, 470P paw, 470H Blue Paper Crane, 470G milk tea, 470I blue shell, 470R flowers, 470J octopus, 4700l blue cat, 470X light blue butterfly, 470W cherry blossom, 470V butterfly, 470s dog, 470K small fish, 470O astronaut, 470U Purple Moon, 470a rabbit, 470B red flower, 470c yellow flowers, 470D white flowers, 470F Rainbow, 470E pink flowers, 470t love tail, 461D purple starfish, 461C blue starfish, 461B blue shell, 461A blue pearl shell, 461E purple pearl shell, 461F pink pearl shell, 461g pink starfish, 663c-never leave, 663f-happy apple pie, 663h-a Avocado, 663e-cheese mango, 663G-Crown melon, 663a-vitality peach, 663b-happy Persimmon, 663d-pink, 664b-pink, 664c-blue, 664d-sky blue, 664e-Green, 283l-giraffe, 283g-deer head, 283h-rabbit, 283i-pearl rabbit, 283f-Windmill, 283a-white cat, 283m-sika deer, 283c-Fat Man, 283j-elephant, 283D-kt,283e-starfish, 283k-rainbow, 672D Black, 672C Blue, 672E large cherry, 672B White, 682a-pink cat, 682c-Little Bee, 682b-white cat, sky blue bear, dark blue bear, 672a-exuberant peach, 672b-plum every day, 672c-no pear, 674A pink, 674B Green, 429B pink, 429A White, 429D yellow, 429C Blue, 430 white cat, 430 blue unicorn, 453c blue starry sky, 453b-pink starry sky, 453e-Dandelion, 536b-blue unicorn, 536a-pink unicorn, 536d-pink elf, 536c-Blue Elf, 540b-blue cat, 540c-white pig, 540a-pink cat, 539c-bear, 539d-owl, 539a-dog, 539b-Superman, 446c-Green, 446a-pink
Material: Alloy
Modeling: animal/Zodiac
Popular elements: Tulip, flower, little Daisy, Petal, Lily, peach blossom
Style: Cartoon
Bracelet size: 14-20cm
Accessory size: 2cm

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